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Private, constructive feedback, if provided in a separate place is for your eyes only - it is meant for you to improve your skills and thus is not visible to anybody else.

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"TruAccolades provides faculty with a tool that in a timely manner enables them to recognize student accomplishments that distinguish them from others and alerts employers to their outstanding talent."

Bob Carlson
Dean, School of Applied Technology
IIT Chicago

"TruAccolades allows an opportunity for students to get honest feedback from Professors on project work applicable for job placement."

James Papademas
IIT Chicago

"I am one of the first users of TruAccolades. This tool is an amazing resource for students to collect feedback from their professors and improve as they progress in their academics."

Pramod Kaushik
Senior Ph.D student
University of Chicago
Former Intern at Google Brain & Amazon

"TruAccolades is a genius platform that allows employers and job seekers to explore talents and skills that may not necessarily be on a resume."

Julie Gelman
Undergraduate Student
IIT Chicago

"TruAccolades is my GO-TO source to answer the tough question posed by interviewers - 'What do your professors/ mentors say are your strongest qualities?'"

Elizabeth Rebello
Product Manager, Paradox.ai
Graduate Student, IIT Chicago

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